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OliviaOliviaHollywood, LA

They Literally Guide You With A Plan!

I love how they help you through it all. They guide you and give you a plan, then take you step by step and encourage you to keep going. They don’t just tell you get over it or okay I see. They literally guide you with a plan ! That’s amazing they even help you to say what’s the right thing Incase you feel stuck on not knowing how or what to say.

AlvinAlvinCupertino, CA

Now I'm Talking To My Ex About Getting Back Together. Can't Believe They're This Good.

I broke up with my ex a couple of months ago and I got to the point where I was sure there was nothing I could do to get her back. Really, I pulled out all the stops, nothing seemed to get her attention. It's like she didn't even know I existed, it sucked. I turned to these guys because I thought "What the heck do I have to lose?" and I'm not sorry I did. They were really professional and the coach I got, Lauren, helped me understand what I was doing wrong. I went through some steps according to their advice and after just a couple of weeks, I was meeting with my ex consistently and we're talking about getting back together! Can't believe they're this good, such a lucky find. If you have any kind of problems with dating or relationships, I cannot recommend them more.

Anthony WalkerAnthony WalkerLondon, UK

I Saved My Engagement From Falling Apart

Long story short, my fiancée told me she "wasn't sure anymore" a few weeks before our marriage. Everything I tried either didn't help or made things worse. Affinity really saved me here. I got connected to Paul, one of their therapists, who instantly picked up on my problem. He helped me realize I never really expressed how I felt about the situation to my fiancée. Anytime we'd argue, everything I said just came out as anger. I knew I had to change, but I've never been the type of guy who spills their guts to people. But Paul reassured me that I can communicate my feelings in a way I was comfortable with and offered actionable advise which fit my unique circumstances. After my session with Paul I got things patched up with my now wife. In general, I feel more confident in my marriage knowing I could always turn to Affinity whenever I needed.

JamieJamieVancouver, Canada

I was skeptical at first but this is a lifesaver!

I was so skeptical at first thinking it could be a scam or that they made false promises  BUT IT WASNT! they really did do what they said they would, I did my ex so wrong and knew she wouldn't take me back. Affinity proved me wrong and helped me get back with her, i am never making the same mistake ever again! They even helped me compose texts!!

Tim FreemanTim FreemanAustin, Texas

they Opened My Eyes To Things About Both Myself And My Ex I Would Have Never Considered Before

I was in a rough patch dealing with a breakup, and this service was like nothing I'd seen before, so I gave it a shot. I began speaking to  them, and they have guided me through an unhealthy situation and opened my eyes to things about both myself and my ex I had been missing or never would have considered before. My therapist truly knows his stuff, is an excellent listener and is always compassionate and thoughtful in all responses. I've taken some big steps since I found Affinity and am extremely grateful for their services.

JosiePhiladelphia, USA


Helped me a lot, I was crying everyday! Everything reminded me of him, I could not let go of him and look back at my mistake. I really appreciate the professionalism and help you guys gave me.

Anonymus CoupleAtlanta, GA.


Me and my Partner used to argue all the time, we grew sick of each other feeling that there was no coming back. We decided to go to Affinity for couples counselling, they helped us realise our flaws and mistakes, they gave us advice which we used on a daily basis and which we still use to this day, this saved our 23 year marriage and realigned us in our relationship for which we are forever grateful. If anyone is reading this and struggling, you are in the right place.

JakeBrooklyn, NY.


I was out of work lost my job due to the pandemic, I had no family who understood me, I couldn't tell my family and was battling depression and on the verge of giving up. Affinity talked me through it all, they were my shoulder to lean on, my therapist understood my every emotion, made me laugh and helped bring me out of this. Definitely worth it!

JessicaRaleigh, NC.


Tried counselling for the first time as was struggling with lockdown. I have been able to work with my therapist to talk about and process past issues, learn a powerful technique to help overcome anxiety and able to move on with my life and become the best person I can be from letting things go from the past that I thought I had dealt with. Thank you so much

Elijah MansonToronto, Canada


They walked me through it step by step and our communication was like night and day. We’ve been back together for 6 months and I know for a fact we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are now without Affinity.


John DavidsonJohn DavidsonNorth Carolina, USA

They Got Me Back Together With My Ex!!!

I am happy to say that I no longer need Affinity because the therapists got me back together with my ex, and things are going better than ever. They helped me through a grueling 2 months right after my ex wife stomped all over my heart and broke up with me. She said she wasn’t in love with me anymore, but I couldn’t let her go. The Therapists at Affinity  prevented me from begging for her back and wasting my money on gifts that would’ve just made things worse. They told me I needed to give her space, and also what I should say before and after a no-contact period. I don’t think I could’ve gotten her back without them.

Pritti PatelRedwood City, CA


 They provided exactly the service we needed during a difficult time (and beyond): they were quick to support, reliable, discrete and flexible. We saw one of the psychiatrists, who was and continues to be brilliant.I especially appreciated his open communication - he made himself available beyond pure appointment times, which I found invaluable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Affinity to anyone.

Success Stories

Real Unedited stories from
our 50,000+ satisfied clients

Finn LewisFinn LewisSouth Carolina, USA

They guarantee you a solution and a Money Back Guarantee!!

Levi SadamLevi SadamDenver, CO

Very great at listening and providing workable solutions.

EllieLos Angeles, CA

Invest in yourself and your mental state! It's the best feeling ever!

Tatiana RozunovTatiana RozunovVancouver, Canada

Look No Further! Trustworthy and 100% Effective