Born in 2006, We are A World Leading Relationship and dating coaching organisation helping individuals worldwide with solving all unique relationship problems. We understand that all situations are not the same, we take a unique approach to each client in advising and resolving all forms of relationship issues. From building confidence, recovering from a breakup, always arguing with your partner and even getting back with your partner, we have hundreds of packages available.

• Having Relationship Problems?
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Lews - Los Angeles, CA

9 hours ago

Happily Married! - No more arguing!

We are celebrating our 7th anniversary and we're constantly applying the lessons we learned through our sessions. My husband and I were dealing with a sudden marital issue and emotions were running very high. That day I contacted Affinity and got connected immediately. We talked about our first-hand problems which revolved around trust due to emotional infedility and neglect. They were able to calm the situation down and have a plan in 24 hours!


Elijah - USA, NY

9 hours ago

Now able to date girls!

I had been knocking around on dating apps for the past 2 years with very limited success I was a very shy person and had no clue how to flirt/build attraction. Couldn't even approach a girl in public. Affinity helped boost my confidence and morale! Im still actively applying all the coaching sessions and really changed my life around! 3 months into my first relationship now!


Gab - Dayton TX

5 hours ago

We’ve been back together for 6 months!

I couldn’t accept that our relationship was over. I,unfortunately, resorted to begging and pleading for her to stay with me. When this didn't work I turned to Affinity as a last resort - the coaches had been fantastic and listened to everything immediately pin pointing the root of the problems. I could see things from a point of view in I had never been able to do before. Coached me to the point where we are back together!


Rachel - Redwood City, CA

9 hours ago

I thought I couldn't be happy without her, the coaches helped prove I was wrong.

I was obsessed with the idea of getting my ex back. I tried everything because I thought we were perfect and I’d never be able to find someone like that again. I thought I couldn't be happy without her, the coaches helped prove I was wrong. My coach helped me see how I was ‘romanticizing’ my relationship and I realized that I didn’t actually want to get back with her, I was afraid of being alone and wasnt showing any self-love. I’m actually happy Now ! Didn't think i would be and feeling like myself!

Our Success Stories
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