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We are A World Leading Therapy Clinic dealing with Mental Health, Relationship and Dating Problems as well as Depression and General Wellbeing. We Help individuals Worldwide with Solving all Unique problems and guarantee you a solution. We understand that all situations are not the same, we take a unique approach to each client in advising and resolving all forms of issues. From building confidence, anxiety, mental health, recovering from a breakup, always arguing with your partner and even getting back with your partner, we have hundreds of packages available.

• Having Relationship Problems?
• Want to get back with your ex?
• Want a better dating life?
• Have you cheated or been cheated on?
• Having a multitude of problems?
• Troubles with Confidence?
• Anxiety?
• Feeling Demotivated or Depressed?
•Stressed, Overwhelmed, Mental Health Issues?

We Invited Back Our Most Recent Clients

Here's What They Had To Say

Our Success Stories

Lews - Los Angeles, CA

9 hours ago

Happily Married! - No more arguing!

We are celebrating our 7th anniversary and we're constantly applying the lessons we learned through our sessions. My husband and I were dealing with a sudden marital issue and emotions were running very high. That day I contacted Affinity and got connected immediately. We talked about our first-hand problems which revolved around trust due to emotional infedility and neglect. They were able to calm the situation down and have a plan in 24 hours!


Elijah - USA, NY

9 hours ago

Now able to date girls!

I had been knocking around on dating apps for the past 2 years with very limited success I was a very shy person and had no clue how to flirt/build attraction. Couldn't even approach a girl in public. Affinity helped boost my confidence and morale! Im still actively applying all the coaching sessions and really changed my life around! 3 months into my first relationship now!


Gab - Dayton TX

5 hours ago

We’ve been back together for 6 months!

I couldn’t accept that our relationship was over. I,unfortunately, resorted to begging and pleading for her to stay with me. When this didn't work I turned to Affinity as a last resort - the coaches had been fantastic and listened to everything immediately pin pointing the root of the problems. I could see things from a point of view in I had never been able to do before. Coached me to the point where we are back together!


Rachel - Redwood City, CA

9 hours ago

I thought I couldn't be happy without her, the coaches helped prove I was wrong.

I was obsessed with the idea of getting my ex back. I tried everything because I thought we were perfect and I’d never be able to find someone like that again. I thought I couldn't be happy without her, the coaches helped prove I was wrong. My coach helped me see how I was ‘romanticizing’ my relationship and I realized that I didn’t actually want to get back with her, I was afraid of being alone and wasnt showing any self-love. I’m actually happy Now ! Didn't think i would be and feeling like myself!

Our Success Stories
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Our Team


B.A. in English Literature
ACS Certified Relationship Coach

With a BA in English Literature and previous work experience as a translator and English teacher, Dorothy’s appreciation for the unique ways people communicate their thoughts and emotions lead them into coaching.


ACS Certified Relationship Coach

Ellen has spent the past few years of her life dedicated to studying humanities, and her desire to share her knowledge with as many people as possible lead her to Relationship Coaching.

Robert Bloch

ACS Certified Relationship Coach, Conflict Resolution and Restorative Justice

With a background focused on social development, and previous work experience in youth counseling, Bloch’s solution oriented coaching approach keep his clients motivated.

Charles Addams

ACS Certified Relationship Coach

Addams is a professional relationship coach who strives to help each of his clients achieve life-altering relationships. For several years, he’s been a prolific writer on the topics of women’s rights, civil rights, and public policy.


ACS Certified Relationship Coach

With an innate desire to help others and a natural gift for communication, Ben takes the time to dig beneath the surface of his client’s situations in order to shed light on the core issues at hand.

Flora Lewis

B.S. in Psychology, A.A. in Psychology of Addiction & Sexuality
ACS Certified Senior Relationship Coach

Flora has been a professional life coach for over 6 years as a private life coach, as well as being a part of a company providing coaching services. She holds two Psychology degrees and comes highly recommended by esteemed professors in the domain.


ACS RH Certified Relationship Coach

With a degree in Graphic Communication and a certification in Alphabotism, Orlando has dedicated his education to exploring the nuances of communication and how ones self-awareness and emotional balance effects the style in which they express themselves.

Benson Okey

ACS Certified Relationship Coach, Neurolinguistic Programming

Objective and detailed oriented, Ben’s patient coaching approach ensures that his clients walk away from his sessions with a clear idea of what went wrong in their relationship and how to move forward from here.

Mr Johnny Cassell

ACS RH Certified Relationship Coach

Johnny Specialises in Improving your dating and relationship life considerably. He’s spent over 10 years helping couples globally. Whether you need the confidence boost to go and speak to that one person or whether your facing traumatic times. He has a highly successful history and track record with 99.9% Guaranteed Success.

Mr Andy Collins

ACS Certified Relationship Coach, Neurolinguistic Programming

Having graduated from Harvard with a Doctorate PHD in Psychology Andy is a trained doctor and therapist who helps with Relationship healing. He has helped thousands of couples globally recoup their love for one another in addition to focusing on their mental health.

Dr Cassandra Jenkins

ACS RH Certified Relationship Coach

MSC in Mental Health has worked in private therapy for over 5 years with in depth industry knowledge to get you from you where you are to where you want to be.

James Piece

ACS Certified Relationship Coach, Neurolinguistic Programming

I’ve given thousands of people advice through workshops, articles and radio and most importantly help people find love and success in dating and relationships. I’ve also helped a range of individuals overcome problems they are facing in their marriage as well as helping couples reconnect after breakup. I also feature and host 100’s of Private Events for professionals each year. I have over 14 years experience in the , working for over 50 different dating companies.
I regularly write and provide dating articles, tips and dating advice for many magazines, TV shows and newspapers.